Friday, March 25, 2011

Time to Settle...

So many times, the idea of settling has such a negative context. Well, if you are going to settle on a relationship, then yes, that is a bad idea! I didn't do that this time around, so all is good on that front. However, we are in our new home now and trying to settle in. There are boxes, bags and baskets everywhere. We are going to have a huge garage sale once we get finished sorting through all of this stuff! So, settling into our new home, that's a great thing! Also, I'm going to be turning 40 this year. I have always had a theory about where our life should be a various ages. Your 20's are filled with looking and discovering. Your 30's are filled with making big decisions about what kind of life you want and putting those into place. Your 40's are about being settled into those decisions and improving upon them. I guess that means I'm on track with that theory. I'm not sure when my studio will be ready to work in, other rooms are taking priority at the moment. I know it will happen though, bit by bit, box by box. I'm really loving my new life, husband, family and home. I am sure this joy will be more than evident in my next pattern. ;)

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  1. Greetings. I was recommend by Elle of Cordova, TN, PUP's quilters. I am trying to find out if you sale your patterns wholesale to fabric and quilt stores? Any info would be appreciated. Peace, Robert.